A few of our favorites: Innovation in Action

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The team from OCR, (now the Office of Business Engagement) shared some of their favorite stories from 2017.

“As a mom of 3 young children, I’m always looking for supportive and inspiring resources to help raise them. I’ve found UW–Madison’s Center for Healthy Minds to be an excellent source and I was really excited this year to see how their research is growing in their lab and into classrooms as they release their free mindfulness-based “Kindness Curriculum” to educators. 

Melissa Simon

It was just over a year ago that I snapped this photo when the students of the Badgerloop team unveiled their pod for the first time at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. Over the past year it has been a privilege to watch their journey, meet some of the students behind their success and follow them as continue to make such incredible contributions.

Nick Pasquarello

Every day at UW–Madison, we see living examples of industry building biomanufacturing technologies developed while teaching and training the next generation of talent. Here, stem cell technology is married along the scaffolds of vanilla, parsley and lilac plants which could one day help build bones. And Wisconsin will continue to grow as a biomanufacturing hub with more than 75 emerging and established companies and more than 50 patent filings per year.”

Kathy Collins

“Earlier this summer, a UW–Madison team published a discovery inspired by old bones and teeth. By mimicking them, they have developed a new strategy for drug delivery. I am always in awe of how the researchers at UW-Madison find inspiration in unexpected places.”

Susan LaBelle


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