Advanced Manufacturing

Wisconsin gains a competitive advantage from the University of Wisconsin–Madison as it draws from its highly educated graduates and its innovative processes developed by our faculty and staff. UW–Madison aims to help business and industry leverage those solutions to increase profitability, productivity, and sustainability in our state and beyond.

Grainger Institute for Engineering
A new trans-disciplinary research institute with an initial focus on advanced manufacturing, acceleratedAdvance
materials discovery, and sustainability. This institute will deploy strategies for additive manufacturing
giving U.S. a competitive advantage, while also using new methods to search for new materials and
develop ways to use products more efficiently and effectively.
Digital Lab for Manufacturing
As one of three academic partners within this institute for digital manufacturing and design innovation,
UW–Madison is dedicated to ensuring the partnership will develop an innovative suite of tools to
enhance the efficiency and lower the cost of manufactured products, from conception to production.
Center for Quick Response Manufacturing
This research and industry partnership has worked with more than 200 companies to improve
manufacturing competitiveness by reducing lead times, increasing inventory output and growing
marking share.
MGI Accelerator Network
UW–Madison along with two of the nation’s other leading materials researchers aim to create
an infrastructure in which research partnerships can be facilitated and expanded, leading to
application-specific materials in much shorter time frames.
Manufacturing and Production Systems
Engineering researchers at UW–Madison enhance manufacturing competitiveness through
development of methodologies, computer-aided tools, and experimental testbeds. They design,
analyze and improve manufacturing systems by improving new product development time and
offering flexibility in responding to changes in demand volume and variety.
Advanced Fabrication Laboratory
Provides computer-aided design, prototyping, and fabrication services from conception to completion. It advances research beyond the experimental phase by generating early-stage prototypes and novel tools. Projects range from biomedical R&D to microfluidics fabrication to 3D modeling.


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