Business Collaborations

Testing and Improving Products

Fiskars engineers engaged UW-Madison ergonomic industrial researchers to test and then validate several products’ function providing physiological evidence that there is a benefit to using the shock-absorbing hammer allowing them to take the series to market with scientific proof of its unique qualities. Read more.

Elevate your visibility on campus and enhance partnerships

New outposts from Lands’ End, Oshkosh Corp. reveal closer corporate relationships with UW–Madison.Learn how these companies have set up offices near campus to aid their corporate strategy and how the Office of Business Engagement helped them find solutions.

Enhancing Workforce Performance

JARP Industries, a Wausau manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders for heavy-duty forestry, defense and mining equipment turned to a Lean Maufacturing course at UW-Madison for improved operations. Since attending the class and adopting a new approach the average production time per cylinder has nearly been halved, from more than 20 days to 12 days. Read more.




Connect to UW-Madison Students

Students wearing white labcoats and blue hairnets and safety goggles photograpfhed in a long hallway
UW-Madison students pose in a hallway at Kerry Group after a tour of the facilities


In a flip to traditional on campus recruiting efforts, Kerry Ingredients holds immersion trips, bringing students onsite to tour their product Innovation Center, travel to their manufacturing facilities and have time to interact with early-career employees. Read more.