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Demystifying the Startup Ecosystem

Tuesday, August 27
Madison, WI
Attend this DreamBank event and learn what indicators that matter when measuring the health of an entrepreneurial ecosystem and discuss big ideas to further Wisconsin as an entrepreneurial hub. Hear from Scott Resnick, a distinguished entrepreneur who grew his company from $0 to an eight-figure revenue small business, on how to move Wisconsin forward in the entrepreneurial landscape. More.

GEneral Business

Distance Teaching & Learning Conference

August 6-8
Madison, WI
This conference from UW Continuing Studies emphasizes evidence-based practice, educational innovation, and practical applications of theories and research findings in the field of distance education and online learning. Network, share, and collaborate with peers from around the world who are deplying distance and online learning. More.

UW-Madison Day on Campus

Thursday, August 15
The Office of Business Engagement invites you to Day on Campus.  Connect with UW–Madison business engagement teams representing the resources you need to advance your business, network with your peers who are finding success with UW resources and find actionable tactics. It’s a fast-paced, business focused day so you’ll be ready to take the next step in your relationship with UW–Madison. More.


Market Research When the Market is Five Time Zones Away

Tuesday. Sept 10
Madison, WI
Attend this meeting and learn about best practices in gathering, deciphering and utilizing market research from foreign markets. Learn about global trends that are impacting not only company’s marketing but also helping them develop their global sales strategy. More.

Professional Development

Workplace Coaching Certificate

Module 1: Oct 2-3, 2019; Module 2: Oct. 23-24,
Transform employee performance using professional coaching skills with this new six-day Coaching Certificate from UW. Complete this program with a cohort of managers, supervisors, and other leaders focused on improving employee performance and achieving better results. The six-day intensive training (structured in two modules) will provide ample opportunity to put your newly learned coaching skills into practice, both in the classroom and in your organization. More.

COURSE: Quantitative Methods for Process Improvement

Online, self-paced via UW–Madison
With this online, self-paced course, you will develop a solid understanding of the basic concepts underlying quantitative analysis and business statistics important to any business problem, and especially so for Six Sigma projects. Gain the knowledge and the tools to dissect complicated business problems and provide quantitative analysis to problems instead of relying on intuition and instincts. More.

Capstone Certificate: Foundations of Professional Development

Online, self-paced via UW–Madison
This online certificate provides a complete toolkit for well-rounded professionals. Graduates gain a competitive edge by learning how to lead teams, create and deliver dynamic presentations, effect change, and understand legal, financial, and marketing concepts, among other essential skills. More.


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