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You have a business or product idea, and you’re not sure about the next step. We’ve collected some of the resources available to you at UW–Madison.

  • If you have an invention or technology and need to understand the next steps, resources from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) can help you learn about the disclosure process, including who must disclose, how to do so.
  • Discovery to Product (D2P) is home to UW’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, coordinating the Innovate Network and connecting faculty, staff, and students with education, mentoring, and funding to help campus innovators get their idea or invention to market.
  • The Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic offers guidance to faculty on the practices and process of intellectual property and other disclosures.
  • Set up your own start-up workspace right in the center of campus. Co-work alongside other faculty and staff entrepreneurs with affordable, amenity-included Madworks Coworking @1403
  • Explore a series of resources we’ve collected for entrepreneurs featuring ways to move your idea, product or start-up forward.
  • Tap into the wealth of professional development opportunities on campus which can help you advance your own career.
  • Looking to share your story?  Learn how to contact University Communications.

Need more direction? Contact our office and we can help you make the connections you need to be successful.

UW Innovation in Action

American Family Insurance Data Science Institute adds an exciting chapter to a longtime private-campus partnership

Building on UW-Madison’s current data initiatives, this expansion of the American Family Insurance partnership establishes a formal institute on campus fostering growth in data science, supporting work in artificial intelligence, genetics, drug development, material science, and business.

Ideas to reality, new initiative at UW tackles health innovation

A new “Innovation Hub” at UW Health and UW School of Medicine and Public Health led by Thomas “Rock” Mackie aims to unlock potential ideas and projects and channel them to industry-leading results.

Unique way for employers to engage with UW-Madison students

A good resume is key, but what if you could show off the prototype Mars rover you developed when meeting with a hiring manager? That’s just one of the highlights from a reverse career fair held at UW. Check out this approach.

More of UW in Action

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