University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research and Expertise

UW–Madison is a research powerhouse with an academic and scientific infrastructure to transform discoveries into resources and products that address real-world issues. It offers business and industry the expertise and opportunities to form collaborations and partnerships.

Research Partnerships

If you are interested in exploring a research partnership with UW, our business engagement directors are poised to explore your business challenge and help connect you with best campus resource to address your needs.

Some of the opportunities that are available include:

Tap International Expertise

The International Division serves business, government and the public in an age of globalization. The Division houses the Institute for Regional International Studies, which features internationally focused research centers and departments that provide programs, strategy, analysis, and education.

Bring UW–Madison to you with Badger Talks

UW–Madison faculty and/or staff are available to visit your organization for a “Badger Talk”. Our speakers all volunteer their time and talents and feature a diversity of topics. Explore speakers and topics that are right for your event at the Badger Talks Hub.