UW Drug Discovery and Development and Fee-for-Service Capabilities

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The UW Carbone Cancer Center Drug Discovery Core (DDC) »

  •     Facilitates cancer-related preclinical drug discovery
  •     Integrates high throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, pharmocology.

Small Molecule Screening Facility   |    Cancer Pharmacology Lab   |   Medicinal Chemistry

Flow Cytometry »Explore Industry Professional Development and Training Opportunities at UW Madison

  •         Single cell analysis
  •         Single cell sorting: single cell deposition and bulk sorting of live cells
  •         Comprehensive assay services: sample prep, data acquisition and analysis for immunophenotyping, cell cycle, DNA content, apoptosis, phagocytosis, calcium flux, cytokine and phosphoprotein detection, mitochondrial membrane potential, oxidative burst

 Histology/Pathology »

  •         Microtomy and cryo sectioning; H&E and special stains
  •         IHC protocol development and optimization
  •         Expert “in house” pathology consultation
  •         Histologic staining methods to histopathologic assays
  •         DNA/RNA isolation, quantitative real time RT-PCR analysis
  •         Standardized IHC/IF/ISH through automation
  •         Multispectral imaging system NuanceTM (manual) and VectraTM (automated) imaging

    Formulation and Characterization »

  •         Drug, biologic and excipient physical/chemical characterization (pre-formulation)
  •         Formulation
  •         Analytical method development and validation
  •         Stability testing
  •         Structural elucidation

 Biomanufacturing »

  •         Plasmid DNA Production
  •         Recombinant Protein Production
  •         Cell Therapeutics Production
  •         Viral Vector/Vaccine Production
  •         Aseptic Fill/Finish

  Small Animal Imaging »

  •         Noninvasive, high-resolution in-vivo and ex-vivo
  •          2-D and 3-D image viewing
  •         microCT and micro MRI (anatomical and functional)
  •         microPET and optical imaging (functional)
  •         Intraoperative Real Time Near-Infrared optical imaging (functional)
  •         Imaging of targeted, non-targeted, vascular, and activatable contrast agents