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UW Innovation In Action

Industry partners leverage UW-Madison for their business success

Four large Midwestern businesses take the stage at Day on Campus event to give an inside look at how they established and profited from their partnership with UW-Madison. More.

Photo: About 8 glass bottles filled with different materials are lined up. Pictured here are lignin samples in the lab at the Wisconsin Energy Institute.

Researchers create a ‘green’ pharmaceutical from plants rather than from fossil fuels

UW researchers patent a new method to create acetaminophen from plants rather than fossil fuel – solving two headaches with one process. More.

Morningstar Inc., GE Healthcare and PPD Inc. share why they recruit Badgers

In the last year, nearly 8,500 companies have sought out students from the University of Wisconsin–Madison for their talent needs. Whether looking for to fill internships or recent graduates for full-time positions, UW provides a goldmine to meet their workforce needs. More

Four UW entrepreneurs share how they mastered the startup

They are pioneers of startups and spinoffs each with firm roots to UW-Madison. Hear what these founders say they learned as they transitioned from scientist to corporate leader. More.

Industry-ready process makes plastics chemical from plant sugars

Companies often grapple with creating more sustainable and environmentally friendly products while also staying profitable. A team of researchers at UW-Madison and the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) have responded. More on this process and how it can be applied.

UW’s Center for Dairy Research receives dual grants to enhance businesses develop new products

The receives grants to create a new Beverage Innovation Center – a one-of-a-kind resource for businesses and entrepreneurs to develop new dairy beverages. Learn more about the vision and CDR.

American Family Insurance Data Science Institute adds an exciting chapter to a longtime private-campus partnership

Building on UW-Madison’s current data initiatives, this expansion of the American Family Insurance partnership establishes a formal institute on campus fostering growth in data science, supporting work in artificial intelligence, genetics, drug development, material science, and business.

UW Physician’s brainstorm realized at startup

A patient need sparks an idea, which leads to inspiration, collaboration, creation and now a patent is pending for a device that could help the smallest of heart patients. Learn more about how UW changes lives.

Quantum leaps and investments at UW

Through investments in quantum science, UW is “… leading the way in concepts and technology that may revolutionize computing, communication, security and more.” Learn more about these investments and what it means for campus and businesses.

Ideas to reality, new initiative at UW tackles health innovation

A new “Innovation Hub” at UW Health and UW School of Medicine and Public Health led by Thomas “Rock” Mackie aims to unlock potential ideas and projects and channel them to industry-leading results.